Scottish Highland Cows

Scottish Highlanders are, as suggested by their name, natives to the highlands in Scotland. At the Eveland Family Farm, you can see these beautiful animals up close among the horses, llamas, and alpacas.

Scottish Highlands, originally from the wind-swept, rain-soaked Highlands of Scotland, are the oldest known breed of cattle. They are very gentle animals, and can handle harsh weather very well. They adapt to different climates very well, and can thrive in areas where other cattle may not. Scottish Highlanders are also very healthy cattle – they have a strong resistance to disease.

Scottish Highland cows have long bangs that protect their eyes from dust and cold, and short legs which cause them to have few foot and leg problems. Scottish Highlands are well known for their long horns and shaggy hair.

The cows eat mainly grasses and brush, but they will eat many foods that most cattle will not. When full grown, they weigh between 750 and 1200 pounds, and can live for 25 years. Today, Scottish Highland cows are popular among royalty, a trend that started when Queen Victoria kept Highlands at Windsor.

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