Pot-Bellied Pigs

You’re bound to run into Lacy the pot bellied pig when visiting our farm. She has made herself right at home, and spends the day wandering around the grounds looking for something good to eat. During pumpkin season, she gets into quite a bit of trouble!

Pot-Bellied Pigs are native to Southeast Asia, but are now accepted in farms, and even homes, of people world-wide. Pot-bellied pigs were once kept by Chinese Emperors as early as 6000 BC. Pigs are very intelligent and learn quickly, and many pot-bellied pigs are kept in the house, and have been house trained just like dogs and cats. Actually, pigs follow only humans, apes, and dolphins in intelligence – making them one of the smartest animals in the world!

The pot-bellied pig is a smaller version of the pig, with black skin and scarce hair, short ears and a a short snout. They grow to be about 14-18 inches tall at the shoulder, and can weigh 70-150 pounds. It takes about five years for a pot-bellied pig to fully grow. These short, stout pigs are omnivores, and eat grasses, grains, eggs, frogs, snakes, and fish. The lifespan of a pot-bellied pig is usually 10-20 years, but they can live up to 30 years under the right conditions.

Like all pigs, the pot-bellied pig loves to roll around in mud. Porkchop, another one of our pot-bellied pigs, is no exception to this rule. He does this for a few different reasons. Because Porkchop does not have much hair, it is easy for him to get sunburned. Rolling in the mud helps protect is skin from the hot sun. Also, pigs have no sweat glands so they cannot sweat. Rolling in the mud helps cool them off.

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