Feathered Friends

A friendly peacock shows his feathers in front of the bird house. Click on the picture to see him up close!

Watch where you step at the farm – or you may stumble over one of our many feathered friends, roaming the grounds.

Our pond is always full of ducks and geese. We started off with a few that we invited to live here, but over time feathered friends started showing up and made their home on our farm.

Our birds live in a cozy bird house, which you will pass when you drive up to to the farm. Many of them are free to roam the grounds during the day. Every evening just before dark, we round them up to spend the night safe in their home. A loud yell “DUCKS!”, and they all know it’s time to come out of the pond and walk in a line home to safety. Even some of the wild ducks prefer to spend the night safe from predators in our bird house!

Turkeys are still found wild in many parts of North America today. There are five different kinds of wild turkeys that roam wooded areas and prairies in the US. In the winter, wild turkeys take shelter in the woods and roost in the trees at night. They tend to wander out of the woods, often into residential areas, when the weather gets warm.

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Eveland Family Farm's Fainting Goat