Cows and Horses

Courtney, a Sorrel Quarter Horse

Like many farms, the Eveland Family Farm has cows and horses too! You can visit the horses on the farm, and see the cows grazing while taking a hay ride through the fields.

We have a Sorrel Quarter Horse, Courtney, who enjoys hay and grass. Sorrel is the coloring of Courtney; the word was probably named after the color of the flowers on the sorrel herb. Sorrel horses are solid-colored, ranging from golden red to deep burgundy.

Charolais/cross cows

American Quarter Horses are the first breed of native United States horses. This breed evolved when different horses brought to the US were bred together, it is a combination of Arab, Turk, and Barb horses. Quarter horses are very powerful animals, and are often used in racing for their amazing ability to outrun other breeds in short distances. It is believed that the horse gets its name because it was originally bred specifically to run in quarter-mile races.

Charolais Cattle are a breed of cattle that come from Charolais, France. The cows, today raised mostly for meat, have an almost pure white coat.

Take a trip to a working farm!

The Eveland Family Farm is an 80-acre site in the northern Twin Cities suburbs. Located just 30 minutes from Minneapolis, we are open by appointment throughout the year, and have seasonal hours for pumpkin picking, fall decorations, farm tours and hay rides.
Eveland Family Farm's Fainting Goat